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Polkura Lote D



Varietal Composition: 100% Syrah 

Appellationn of Origin: Marchigüe Area, Colchagua Valley, Chile 

Trellising system: Vertical shoot positioning 

Pruning: Cordon 

Irrigation: Drip 

Soil type: Decomposed granite and clay



Harvest date: Second week of March 

Harvest method: Hand 

Transport: 13 kg boxes 

Fruit selection: Berries, after destemming 

Crushing: Yes 

Cold soaking (8-11°C): 3-4 days 

Yeast: Actiflor B 

Yeast nutrients: Go-Ferm, Superfood, FDA 

Fermentation temperature: Day 1-3: 27–29ºC Day 3-8; 26–28ºC 

Alcoholic fermentation: 7–10 days 

Pump-overs: Day 1–3: 2 per day with prolonged extraction Day 3–6: 2 per day, for shorter periods Day 6–30: no pump-overs 

Total skin contact: 30 days 

Malolactic fermentation: 100% in Stainless steel



Stabilization: No 

Fining: No 

Filtration: No 

Bottling date: February 1, 2018 

Stoppers: Lafitte Natural Súper 45/24 

Bottling machine: Monoblock vacuum 

Total production: 885 cases



Alcohol: 14.3% 

Residual Sugar: 2.15 g/l 

Total acidity: 5.23 g/l 

pH: 3.44



Observing the weather patterns of the year, we decided to begin the harvest a little earlier than normal. The reasoning was that we suspected rainy harvest season was coming. We couldn’t have made a better decision. At the time the rain began, we already had 85% of the grapes in the winery, and were able to bring the rest in just a few days later. For Polkura, 2016 gave us excellent quality. In general, the flavors are fresh with pronounced acidity.



Intense violet in color with hints of red. Lots of red fruit and some herbs on the nose. Intense on the palate, but with smooth tannins. Good balance between the tannins and fruit. Medium texture and finish on the palate. Sven Bruchfeld, October 2018.

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