Aylin Sauvignon Blanc


Varietal Composition: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Denomination of Origin: Leyda, San Antonio Valley, Chile

Trellising system: Guyot

Vertical Shoot positioning: Drip


Soil: Clay loam with decomposed granite


Harvest date: End of March

Picking method: Hand

Transport: 450 kg bins

Fruit selection: Bunches before destemming

Crusher: Yes

Pectoliticenzime: Novozymes FCH

Pressing: Neumatic

Must sediment settling: Cold settling

Yeast: VL-3/ RMS2
Yeast nutrients: Go-Ferm, Superfood, FDA
Temperature of Fermentation: 15-16oC


Frenchoak: 20-21 days, 10% of batonnage

Stainless steel: 90% stirring lees after fermentation


Stabilization: Cold stabilization

Filtration: Yes

Date of bottling: January 2016

Sealing: Screw cap

Total production: 700 cases


Alcohol: 14.2% by vol.

Residual Sugar: 1.48 g/l

Total acidity: 3.52 g/l (H2SO4)

pH: 3.33

Aylin comes from the Leyda area, in the San Antonio Valley, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Its cool climate and the influence of the sea breezes make this valley the birthplace of renowned New World Sauvignon Blancs. 


"Clarity and transparency" is the meaning of its name in the native Mapuche language. That is exactly what was aimed for with this wine: a clear and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc, with a strong mineral character and an evident sense of origin.

Aylin is "ocean, freshness and sea waves". This wine is outgoing and unique, and can be drunk alone, but will shine when matched with a dish designed especially for it. Try pairing it with fresh shrimp and octopus ceviche, or any grilled white fish finished with lemon.


Pale yellow in color. The nose presents citric aromas with notes of tropical fruits. In the mouth flavors of white peaches appear. The acidity is smooth and balanced, with a medium intensity and a medium finish. 

Sven Bruchfeld, February 2016 

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